The Lightkeeper’s Woman

In 1884 in his will her father asked Alanna Patterson to deliver a box to Caleb Pitt in Easton, North Carolina. She would prefer to forget Caleb, the man she always loved, but who rejected her offer of empathy and left her behind as he wallows in guilt. Still, Alanna honors her dad’s request.

Former sea Captain Caleb Pitt lives in disgrace accompanied only by his feelings of guilt. His nightmares run rampant as he was the only survivor of the Intrepid, a ship he captained that sank. Filled with remorse and pain, Caleb hides on an isolated barrier reef off the North Carolina coast as a lightkeeper. A hermit saving lives from a distance is the life he believes he deserves. However, Alanna has arrived on his Outer Banks remote rock. She wants to hold him until he heals and even after that, but will he let her though he still loves her like she does him.