Any chance I get to push away from the computer and do research I take it.  Even though the topic might not apply to the current work in progress I trust that the information will be of help one day.

Sisters in Crime/Chessie Chapter invited a forensic anthroplogist to speak about bone identifcation.

I head to the firing range as often as I can and I try to shoot as many different guns as possible.

I took this at the 'Written in Bone' exhibit at the Natural History Musuem in Washington, D.C. This is an exhibit well worth seeing.








A Day at the Firing Range

Red Flag is up and I'm ready to fire.












Loading the clip.










MB fires an AK-47.










Spent shells.









.45 shell casings.










MB at the target.

Writer’s Police Academy

MB in front of a Hazardous Devices vehicle.

I attended the Writers Police Academy this past weekend in Jamestown, NC.  This event was jam-packed with demonstrations and seminars.  I attended a session on “Why People Kill”, an autopsy seminar, guns, profiling serial offenders and undercover work.  This is an event I will definitely attend again!

MB inside a mobile command vehicle.

Supplies from the fingerprinting class.

The county dive team demonstrates equipment.

Lunch with fellow recruits.

One attendee brought her service dog, "Sheena" a three-year-old recuse dog.

Virginia State Forensics Lab Field Trip

I joined several members from the newly forming Central Virginia Chapter of Sisters in Crime for a tour of the State Forensic’s Lab.  Not only fascinating, but I picked up a few research tips for the next book!

A Visit to the Gun Show

I made it by the local gun show this past weekend.  I find these shows can be a great place to do research–experts, hand-on demonstrations, books. This go around all I picked up was a MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat).  This meal was the beef patty with wheat crackers.  Sadly, no dessert was included in this packet.  I can’t say I was a fan of this flavor but Buddy and Bella where happy to eat the leftovers.

Often my police characters carry an MRE in the trunk of their cars.

This meal featured a beef patty, barbecue sauce and wheat crackers.

Buddy and Bella loved the MRE.

FBI Citizens’ Academy

Just wrapped up the six-week Citizen’s Academy sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Richmond, Virginia Field Office.  I’ve got to say the course was the best!  FBI agents offered sessions on the Victim Witness Program, Firearms, Counterintelligence, the Critical Incident Response Group, White Collar Crime, ID Theft, Forensics, Islam, Domestic Terrorism and Counterterrorism.  If you ever get the chance to take a course like this is your area, I highly recommend it.