Mary Burton VULNERABLE image hi resFour weeks to go until VULNERABLE! Which means it’s time for a new Grab Bag Giveaway as the seven week countdown to on sale date continues.


Seems the more I look forward to you all reading the book, the more I reflect on  how writing it raised my awareness of those around us who are vulnerable in ways we can’t even imagine. And when we do see or suspect their vulnerability, how difficult it may be to help them.  Here’s Georgia reaching out to a woman she’s certain is in danger both emotionally and physically.


The rattle of glasses had her turning to Carrie, who carried a tray completely filled with empty beer bottles. As the singer’s set concluded and she announced to the crowd she was going to take a break, Carrie approached Georgia.


“Hal told me he came to see you. He was pissed more than usual but I got him to calm down. I can take care of myself and the baby.”


She scanned the young waitress for more bruises. She spotted a dark purple ring around her right wrist. He’d grabbed her and wrenched her arm. “He’s still hurting you. Why stay?”


Carrie shook her head, dismissing Georgia’s logic. “He’s having a rough go of it. He lost his job and he’s worried about taking care of me and the baby. He doesn’t like it that I have to work.”


“Where’s the baby, Carrie?”


“She’s with my neighbor. She’s okay.”


“My offer still stands for a place to stay, Carrie. You don’t have to live this way. Think about the baby.”


A stick-thin man with a handlebar mustache held up an empty glass to get Carrie’s attention. She grinned broadly at him. “Be right there, sugar.” The spotlight overhead caught the bruise across her cheekbone, covered almost completely with makeup.


Georgia shoved back a mouthful of anger.


Carrie turned back to Georgia. “I got to get back to work, but thank you.”


“You can thank me by moving out.”


“I can’t leave Hal now.”


Georgia drew in a breath, realizing her message was not being received. Again, she worried how violent Hal would have to be for Carrie to take a stand. She watched the waitress hold her tray high as she angled her slim body through the crowd.


I hope you enjoyed the above sneak peek celebrating the fourth “romantic suspense weekend” in my Countdown to VULNERABLE. Ready to read more? If you haven’t already, check out the excerpt on my site. And please don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a Grab Bag of my titles.



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