Mary Burton VULNERABLE cover hi resFive weeks to go until VULNERABLE!  Which means it’s time for the third Grab Bag Giveaway in our seven week countdown to publication date.  Here’s a share that brings us inside Forensic Specialist Georgia Morgan’s head as she works a crime scene.


Georgia did her best to consider dead bodies as evidence to be studied. But when the victim was young, as this girl had been, it was difficult to not look behind the ravages of death and see a sweet young girl brutally robbed of her life.


A heaviness settled in her chest and, for a moment, she didn’t move as she sat quietly by the girl, her gloved hand resting on the lifeless arm. As she sat, she glanced over at the three waxy puddles that had illuminated the cave. Why the candles? Had the killer used them to light up his little cave of horrors? Tears burned in the back of her throat.  “I swear, I’ll find out who did this.”


“Talking to yourself?” Jake asked.


“I talk to dead people,” she said. “Didn’t you know that?”




I hope you enjoyed  the above sneak peek celebrating the third “romantic suspense weekend” in my Countdown to VULNERABLE.  Ready to read more? Here’s a longer excerpt.  And please don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a Grab Bag of my titles.


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