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Hello, all! Thank you for joining me for the return of Forensic Fridays. I hope you’ll continue to check in at my blog weekly as I share tidbits from my Morgan Family novel, I‘LL NEVER LET YOU GO, as we head toward the March 29th publication date of Georgia’s story, VULNERABLE.


forensic_factsMorgan sibling and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent Alex is at center stage taking over what begins as a Nashville PD case when it becomes clear a member of the force may be involved. He’s facing a killer determined to destroy all the evidence, including the victim’s humanity, beginning with fingerprints.  The victim’s extremities and head have been removed and clothing, shoes, wallet are nowhere to be found.

Mary Burton I'LL NEVER LET YOU GO cover hi resEvidence. When you have it, you want to keep it.  With it a case can be made. Without it convictions lost.  That’s why it’s kept under lock and key.  Sometimes that’s not enough as seen in I’LL NEVER LET YOU GO.


Six weeks ago, he’d completely stepped over the line. He’d approached her while she was in the produce aisle of the grocery store. He’d come up to her as she filled a plastic bag with apples. He’d scared the shit out of her, and she’d dropped the apples, sending them rolling over the tile floor.  When she’d told him to back off, he’d threatened to expose her secret.  He had no reason to remain loyal if she didn’t. She’d know then what needed to be done.  Tyler would bring her career tumbling down. The threats had to be nullified . . .


She signed the evidence bag and grinned at the officer. “Cold enough for you out there?” . . .


She made her way along the rows of file boxes until she found the one she needed. From her purse, she pulled out an envelope . . .


She closed the box, locked it, and walked toward the officer as if she didn’t have the sword of Damocles hanging over her head . . . He rose and nervously tugged on his belt, glancing around to make sure they were alone. “Someone was checking behind you last week.”


She tightened her grip on her keys. “That so?”


He cleared his throat. “I could get busted if anyone knew this came from me.” Deidre shook her head slowly, wondering why he placed trust so easily. “No one will ever know”