Forensic Friday continues with more Forensic Facts garnered from Sisters in Crime Central Virginia‘s visit last week to The Department of Forensic Science at VCU log 2Virginia Commonwealth University. Thanks again to Dr. Marilyn Miller for inviting us.



VCU Forensic Fact #2: Paint Chips=Evidence


Mary Burton Forensic Facts VCU paint chips #2A chip of paint can be an important source of trace evidence that helps investigators solve a crime such as a hit and run accident or a breaking and entering.  Paint chips and flakes knocked off of a vehicle during a collision can help pinpoint a vehicle’s make, model and sometimes the year.


Paint can also identify a tool used to wedge open a door or window during a burglary.  Mary Burton Forensic Facts VCU paint chipsIt is often the under layer of paint that provides the most information to an investigator.


Because paint is on most surfaces, it is a valuable source of evidence.