I’m celebrating! Cover Your Eyes, the first of my books to be set Nashville, has just been released. I love having “Music City” as my setting, probably because I was impressed from my very first visit a couple of years ago for the Killer Nashville conference. So now it’s the hometown of my homicide detective Deke Morgan who is about to be embroiled in the deaths of two singers–one from the past, one just passed. He may have been as surprised as I was when fists began flying early on (literally) in Cover Your Eyes, facilitating the beginning of his love-hate relationship with lawyer and activist Rachel Wainwright.

So, as I’m strolling around Nashville, exploring Lower Broadway (how much fun!) and picking up a cold lunch at Mike’s Ice Cream, the aforementioned Deke and Rachel are completely unaware that I am planning an amazing amount of trouble for them, including more killings and a couple of close calls that eveb I didn’t see coming.

Please join me in Nashville. While the populace may not appreciate my bringing killers to their city, I can’t say enough wonderful things about their town and all there is to do and see there. If you can, drop by and join the conversations on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and check out the excerpt on my site.  I look forward to hearing from you.